The Relationship between the Concept of the Holy Quran and Scientific Events in the Field of Obstetrics

Background: The current study reviews fundamentals of medical obstetrics in Holly Quran. The Holy Quran have clearly explained the pregnancy and obstetrics events. As these general subjects play an important role in healthy fertility in human beings, this study is done to discuss some important fundamentals of obstetrics, including pregnancy, healthy fertility and lactation.
Methods: The method of this study is based on some documents using the verses in the field of women, obstetrics and scientific bases of embryology present in the Holy Quran.
Results: With the use of the Holy Quran verses we realize that the health of women and their hygiene in fertility has religious base and it is one of the necessities for having a healthy and growing society.
Conclusion: Important comments in Islamic education with comprehensive and strong motivation in the field of obstetrics have been noted for more than fourteen century

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